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DAS represents students and their families as well as adults with disabilities. Our purpose is to help families navigate the ever changing special education system, and help adults advocate for their personal and professional needs. 


DAS can also provide coaching on Evidence Based Strategies to help families manage various challenges, such as aggressive or self-injurious behaviors, executive functioning and study skills, self-advocacy and more.


  • Free consultation (30 minute)

  • Review 504 or IEP, including recommendations

  • Communication with school or college on behalf of the family or individual

  • Disability research and recommendations of appropriate services/supports

  • Pre-meeting preparation

  • Attend 504,  IEP or DSPS meetings

  • Post-meeting debrief

  • Review of completed 504 or IEP before signature

  • Follow up to ensure proper implementation of IEP


  • Self-Advocacy

  • Transitional Skills

  • Behavior Modification Strategies 

  • Executive Functioning Skills

  • Study Skills

Let's Work Together

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