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Making Education Equitable

Serving the Greater Sacramento area

You don't have to be on this journey alone.

What We Do

All Hands In


DAS represents students and their families as well as adults with disabilities. Our purpose is to help families navigate the ever changing special education system, and help adults advocate for their personal and professional needs. 

Happy Family


DAS can also provide coaching on evidence based strategies to help families manage various challenges, such as aggressive or self-injurious behaviors, executive functioning, study skills, self-advocacy and more.

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About Us

Disability Advocacy Services (DAS) is a client centered advocacy group that believes in the empowerment of others to become their own advocate.  We support those with disabilities to ensure an equitable education is being provided.  Whether the student has a 504 or Individualized Educational Plan, has been denied services or is in higher education we are here to help.  

What People Are Saying

"...When Pam accompanied us to the follow up meeting at the school, we felt confident and knew that we had an advocate at the table with us.  Pam asked the hard and uncomfortable questions and suggestions...."

Andrea & Steve Shultz

"...Jamie’s advice on IEPs and development milestones has been exactly what I needed to support and advocate for my child. It’s great to have someone in my corner that sees my child for who they are, what they can be while also honoring and celebrating their autism...."

Lupe Alonzo-Diaz

"....Pam showed my daughter how to see herself in a different light. This new perspective helped my daughter advocate for herself and learn how to advocate for herself in a higher education environment and at a job site...."

Kathryn Dungan

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